Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In A Pinch

One thing leads to the next in Haiti; much of which wasn't expected!  Today there were a few things on the calendar; all of which got accomplished but not in the way we planned.

Let's start with the truck.  After, some much needed maintenance, it got a few defective glow plugs; so it wouldn't start.  Plan B was in the works.  Jason managed to bum a ride with Pastor Bobby's ride to a discipleship group.  On their way there they got pulled over by the police and then the transmission on the driver's car dropped.  Amazingly, they made it to the meeting in time, caught a tap-tap to get back home with time to figure out how to get the truck fixed.  However, we weren't sure how to get a ride to the parts' store.  Thankfully, Makayla's art teacher offered a ride to and from her art class today.

I'm currently low on groceries and had planned to make our weekly grocery run today because Dan and Liz Carl, past missionaries and our advisors, were joining us for supper tonight.  The non-running truck was the dilemma.  Then, the brainiac idea came to have Makson taxi Jason in hopes of getting the glow plugs inserted before our dinner guests.
This made me laugh.  Jason looks so giant.  Today he experienced two firsts (a tap-tap and a moto-taxi).
When it became apparent that we'd not get to the grocery in time we ordered supper from Dominoes, the only American food establishment in Haiti.  In a pinch this is a great service because they deliver.  Usually, it takes awhile so we ordered a little in advance.  Then Jason left for the glow plugs on the back of Makson's bike.  Not kidding - 10 minutes after he left they were waiting at the main road by our house.  I've rarely heard of them being that fast.  I did not have the money to pay the delivery guy  because Jason needed to get some cash.  So he called them and told him he was coming.

When returning home Jason spotted the delivery guy on his motorcycle.  He waved 'em down from the back of Makson's bike yelling, "vini, vini!"  ("Come, come").  The delivery guy followed them around the corner to our house, Jason was able to make the pizza exchange and Makson was on his way.

Unfortunately, the store didn't have the glow plugs we needed.  Tomorrow we'll tackle it again.  However the pizza is in the oven, keeping warm and we're anxiously waiting for our dinner guests.

Staying warm...waiting.
Welcome to a day in Haiti.  :)  It is a place that provides lots of opportunity for you not to take yourself so seriously.  A place for patience to be worked out in you and the joys of not sweating the small stuff.  You get to see the unique ways God provides, enjoy the adventure and laugh at white guys on the back of motorcycles.  One thing leads to the next here; much of which wasn't expected.  Flexible takes on a whole new meaning and Dominoes does in a pinch.  Things do get done - though not the way you planned.
Reasons they might exceed 30 minutes... just pick one.  Watch out for UFOs.  :)
The US Embassy should add this to their warning list. 

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