Friday, August 3, 2012

We {heart} Real Hope For Haiti

It's sometimes really hard to find humanitarian aid being done well in Haiti so when you find a gospel-centered, humanitarian-based ministry they stand out like a major bright light. 

Here are a few reasons we're impressed: They love Jesus and it permeates their actions and words in the ordinary happenings of their ministry, you find your faith being built up as you listen to their joy in following Him even at great cost to themselves, they accomplish a lot with the little they have, they LOVE Haitians, they live amongst the people and have established real relationships within their community through the years, they understand the dangers of dependency and purpose to not slip into that M.O., their compassion doesn't replace dignity, their Haitian staff is happy and they obviously have an appreciation and respect for each other, the children in their care are not super needy but mostly content as their bodies heal and finally, they openly declare their purpose for doing what they do...[[God has asked us to do this. He provides. All glory to His Name.]] 

They have a huge project ahead of them that they desperately need. They are really out of space. We've seen it. We've visited them quite a few times. They are the real deal! Maybe you're looking for a place to plug in and help. Give here! Whole heartedly! We're happy to recommend them! :)

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