Friday, July 20, 2012


Sorry, we've been checked out of the blog-world for a while now.  Between the whirlwind of packing up our life in Haiti and unpacking it in the States there just hasn't been a blogging-minute to speak of.  We are doing good.  Crazy busy but good.  Our family is so thankful for our friends and family here.  Jason's family has graciously offered him employment with their grocery business while we're State-side.  We're thankful!  So he is enjoying time with his family, punching the clock and grocery work.  He's good at his job and knows it well which is a good way to labor!  The kids and I are already contemplating the next school year and honestly, I'm looking forward to it.  Ethan enjoyed baseball this summer.  Makayla is in artsy-bliss with her piano out of storage along with her ample art supplies.  We're enjoying catching up with so many of our people.  It's good to love and to be loved!  The nieces and nephews have all sprung an inch or three, in some instances.  Celebrating birthdays and holidays with people you love is a big treat!  The wonder of infrastructure never ceases to amaze us.  Public restrooms?!  WOW!  Plumbing and electric systems on big grids?!  AMAZING.  Mail service?  INCREDIBLE. ;)

So in the midst of this little update we have an announcement to make... {do you hear the drum roll}...listen close!  Here it is:

After much prayer, counsel and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we have decided to continue our work in Haiti.  HOORAY!  We'll come under the spiritual covering of our home church, Cornerstone Fellowship in McCook, NE; operating under the name of our newly formed ministry, "Chief End Ministries".  This change will include us saying farewell to our friends at "Christian World Outreach" while saying hello to a new board of directors made up of a small group of friends and spiritual mentors.  Lord willing, we are planning to return to Haiti in September or October.  It's an ambitious goal but we are trusting God to provide the needed funds to make that happen.

Questions like, "What will you do?" and "Where will you live?" may be running through your mind. We are really excited about how God is leading us and we'll continue to share updates on our blog on a more regular basis.  Our bloggy-vacation is over.  The break was nice but we're happy to be back!

More information is coming in our latest newsletter which will arrive to many of you in your mailbox or inbox... or both!  If you'd like to receive our newsletter just give us a shout and holler and we can make that happen.

We just wanted to give you a heads-up and get the word out there.  Thank you for your support!

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