Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Taste of Heaven

Sometimes the boys just connect.  It's like a piece of Heaven just falls down in our yard.  They get knee deep in the same idea and play their hearts out.  I mean they buy into the same vision and they really own it.  I remember playing like this with my own siblings, cousins and friends.   Permanently etched on your heart-memory, forever.  It's one of the things that makes childhood such an incredible experience.

Our yard magically transforms before our very eyes into the perfect setting for that given scheme.  It's been a battle field a few times.  They were ditch diggers the other day - all day; building a better directed drainage for all of the rain we've been getting.  The trampoline easily becomes a karate or wrestling rink.  The bed of the this place is the place for meaningful conversations.  It's kinda like Calvin and Hobbes when they're in the wagon or on the sled.  These boys can share heart to heart best in the back of the truck.  No kidding.  Oh and there's the big vine on the fence.  It's the best spot for spies.  How can I forget the top of the generator house.  It's been a house and fort.  I don't think there is a better place to eat fresh coconuts?  It really is incredible.

When these days come I can't help but stick close to the windows or plant myself at the picnic table just to soak it up.  It's better if I'm almost invisible because sometimes the slightest interruption will disrupt the magical connections of friendships and imaginations at work.  It's not every day that all of the components just fit - like the code on a treasure box lock.  Just some days.  And when it happens I try to change my day's plans around their fun.  It's too wonderful to hinder.  It almost demands that I be wowed by it.  It is worshipful.  It is God at work in their little hearts.  Just a quiet, delightful observation is needed with the occasional offer of drinks and snacks.  I think heaven will be something like this.  Can you imagine relationships the way He designed them with His creativity fueling the fun?  It's going to be great.

I popped around the corner and it was happening.  Hans has been growing his little sapling in a jar for quite some time now and Zacharie decided that today was the day for it's roots to spread out.  Ethan shared their excitement and all three became gardeners.  Just like that.

But one tree wasn't enough.  They found a volunteer tree growing right next to the house so all three played tug-a-war, them against it.  They won with a hoot-and-a-hollar,  in a pile on the cement.
With tree and partial root in hand they merrily proceeded to make another hole for it too.

Here it is.  Hans' little tree.  They even gave it a little shade with the upside down flower.
Lord, bless these boys and grow this up to be a tree.
A great big one that reminds them of Your great kindness.

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