Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a good Easter.  It was a fun and busy weekend.  We're thankful for the way that God has provided our little neighborhood.  It makes holidays much more enjoyable amongst many other good things.  Here is just a little bit from our weekend.
Makayla & I made some Eastery-cupcakes for our neighbors.  Makayla doesn't really enjoy the kitchen yet unless we're doing something creative like this.  I like creating with her.
I'd never dyed coconut until now.  I always assumed that was for old people. ;) 
What's with the anticipation of waiting dye?  It's fun every year.
The possibilities are so happy.
They got 6 eggs each...with 3 ways to decorate them. 
Here are four fantastic kids.  

Ethan is the only half naked one...all of the time.

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