Friday, February 10, 2012

Updates, updates, updates...

Makayla and Ethan jumped right in! These particular kids lived in a tougher situation. They didn't let the sights and smells faze them. God is working in their hearts.
photos by Audrey Oostland

We have been really bad about blogging as of late. So to remedy that problem here is a quick list of family, travel and ministry updates over the last 2 or 3 weeks:

- Took a quick trip to Florida. Haitian law says that foreigners without a long-term visa must leave every 90 days. We flew to Florida in order to obey that law with the proof of fresh stamps on our passports. We're going to start the process on a long-term visa soon.

- In Florida we stayed with some of our favorite peeps in the world - the McDaniels family.
- Started working on a "business-as-mission" proposal for the CWO board. Jobs, jobs, jobs as well as discipleship is where our focus is turning.
- Along those lines I spoke with Pastor Joel about business creation. He was very encouraging and supportive of the idea.
-  Myrt and Glenn (Andrea's mom and step-dad) came down here to visit us! So glad to have them here.
- Visited 2 orphanages this week. A first for all of us. It's truly a heart-wrenching experience to see so many children in such challenging circumstances. Our family is planning to visit a few more places like this soon. We want to serve on consistent, weekly basis to love on kiddos. Pray with us on how to best plug-in and help in this way.
- Adoption is also a topic of conversation around our home lately. Pray with us there too. For wisdom and Gospel-centered thinking.
- We visited an area of the city where Haitians make some pretty amazing tin artwork. It was encouraging to see lots of hard-work and ingenuity and talent. All Haitian owned and operated to boot. Good, good stuff.
- The annual CWO leadership training conference is coming up soon. I'm teaching for three, two-hour sessions. Six hours! Not sure if I'll be able to fill that much time but I've been studying for it.

- For the conference my topic is how the Gospel should affect us everyday. It's been an eye opening experience. It's funny that when you start studying to teach someone else you end up being the one who learns. Some of my material is going to come from a book by J.D. Greear called Gospel. You can buy it here. It's well worth the money.
Andrea has her hands full here. By the time we left she had two of the kids sleeping in her arms.

I got a good "beard-rub". They started chanting "Papa Noel". I guess a bit a facial hair qualifies you as Santa Claus.

Myrt and Glenn were able to enjoy this time with us.

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  1. I miss you guys sooo much! I wish I could visit orphanages with you! Looks like a lot of fun, (And sorta challenging.. :) )
    ~Veronica <3