Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Such A Gift

Our first guests made it to Haiti!

They got to put their feet in the ocean - always great fun no matter which ocean it is.

Coconuts on the beach was new for us all but Wanda.

Spending time together and taking in Haiti's beauty.

Friendships are such a gift!  The new-sprouty kinds and the rooty-history kind.

Jodi is so much fun to talk to.  She's like listening to a good audiobook as she narrates life.

Thanks for coming ladies!  You have no idea what a gift your visit was!  Thanks for being such good friends.

The Baptist Mission.

We covered a lot of ground in four days, drank a lot of coffee, sacrificed sleep for lots of conversation...

...and sat in traffic together.  It was good!  THANK YOU!

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  1. This looks like a fabulous visit and such a lovely country! I've tried coconut water in the past, i can't say i'm a real big fan. ha ha