Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Praying Saints

I want to be like her. 
In tropical fashion she delightfully drank her orange; remembering a time with Christians in Mexico.   She had traveled with a pastor-friend and her sister-in-law to visit a church up the mountain.  This memory is one of her fondest.  We sat around the table together listening not just to the story, but the heartbeat behind it.  She smiled, orange spritzed and seeds plopped on the plate below.  The past was pleasantly coming into clear focus - her eyes smiled even more brightly.  Few people get so sincerely beside-themselves-excited when it comes to Jesus at work, whether at home or abroad, than her.  Her good works give spine to this zeal.  I thought about how the Lord often uses His work in her to motivate us.  That night the Pastor shared his heart for his homeland, the churches within his reach and then they conversed about their families.  Between her sister-in-law's ability to translate Spanish/English and the bit of Spanish that Wanda knew they were pleased to mutually enjoy the kingdom at work.  "Oh", she stated, "it was just a great adventure!"  This last phrase sat like an ornate bookend to her story.

The conversation fell quiet and I was drawn into this joyful hope:  Won't heaven be great!  Imagine the many people groups including my dear friend - made whole in Christ - enjoying God's Kingdom together.  Story after story.  Mmmm - heaven is going to be really cool, full of perfect fellowship and very multi-cultural.

Our few minutes together over coffee slipped by quickly this morning.  Her orange was empty when she shared a Hymn found to be relevant wisdom for us...He is the God of the past.  God of the present.  God of the future.  So you can trust Him.

We made our way down Delmas to the airport having been able to see a lot and stay up really late trading stories.  Jason and I freely spilled the culmination of our past three months.  Usually these candid conversations hang midair just between us.  Having a sister-in-Christ so excited about Jesus at work, yet with humble feet planted on earth, is an opportunity we didn't want to pass by.  After a few personal reflections, questions, struggles and desires it ended with, "Thanks for coming.  Thanks for encouraging.  Thanks for being excited.  If you have any wisdom don't hesitate to speak.  We need the body of Christ to speak into our lives."  Oh and one more thing, "Pray."  She nodded her head.

This song, "Pray", came over Pandora as I washed dishes one night shortly after we got here.  My heart swam in its truth.  I cried.  Trusting God with more and more questions in an unfamiliar place can be a struggle.  I tried to gift it via Itunes to two praying Nebraska-sister-saints but the internet settings blocked me.  I kept it until Wanda came to visit.  It couldn't be a more exact fit!  I tried again to find it on youtube and this time it pulled up with the story that inspired it.  Double bonus.

I laugh at the way God says, "Keep running.  Don't give up.  Trust me."  He is so good and so personal!  We're happily tired after four days together; counting fresh God's hand at work and thankful for the body of Christ that holds His infinite worth up in a motivating way.  We were in need of a drink.

So here it is.  Dedicated to two very precious, praying sisters, Wanda and Beth. To our many other supporters, we're thankful for your praying gifts as well.  This is where it's at.  I'm telling you.  Pray for us in this way and know we're praying for you too.

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