Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Wide Open

Here we sit 3 months after arriving.  In many ways we're already very different people, but as we look ahead at the next few months,(and maybe years) we have more questions than answers.  Missions to unreached people groups or ministry to the poor has a romantic clink to it (or at least it did to us) when we were State-side.  After being here, everyone of us (and now I speak for Jason and I) have struggled to know if we should be here.  Inside there is a desire to just throw our hands up and say, "I give up.  This is way harder than I anticipated and besides who are we to do anything helpful."  What a sour and hopeless attitude, really.  Especially, if you consider how incredibly easy our initial 3 months have been.  Sure it is all relative, but in many ways we're living like kings compared to many around us.  So the questions stir, our hearts are seeking, and God's Word remains!  It stands fast and sure for our wobbly little legs to stand on.  His commands in Scripture are not hard to understand.  He doesn't mince words.  They clearly communicate His heart for the poor, for the orphan and for the widow.  This we know to be true.

So today...I was going to hop on the treadmill when Jason casually pulled up this video and asked, "Didn't you track this girl's blog before?"  Sure enough.  This is the exact girl God used to lead us to David Platt even though at the time they really didn't know each other.  He's the teacher/pastor that had us packing our bags while living in Minnesota.  "Your life needs to be a blank check to God if the Gospel has rescued you."  This statement, amongst many others, God used to pry deep into our hearts, minds and lives making us amiable for the next stretch of the journey.  Haiti.  However, in the busyness of getting everything in motion and settling in we've forgotten, in some ways, the foundational truths and faithful instruments He used to make us wide open.  Until today.  I'm crying all over again.  So these two faithful lovers of Jesus are on one screen together, their voice is unified and we're watching on this side... just when we feel our hearts waffling with faithless ideas of giving up.  Isn't God faithful?!  Isn't He just so patient and sovereign and good?!  He has incredible, timely and fascinating ways to speak encouragement into our hearts.

There are a few specific things He keeps laying on our hearts and this signifies it is time to write that blank check.  It's time to make ourselves wide open again just with our Haiti-life this time.

Will you do 3 things?
1 - Will you pray with us accordingly?
2 - Will you watch this video?
3 - Will you pray about the Gospel being so alive in you that you gladly write a blank check to God with your life?  Because really - it just makes sense.  It is smart.

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