Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Crab

Jason bartered 9 USD for this crab at Wahoo Bay. Not bad.

We antagonized it just a little to see its pinchers in action.

Such a fascinating creature!

Everyone took a turn observing. You just don't get this opportunity in Nebraska.
Up until now we've really only experienced the frozen kind.

If you lay them on their back they aren't as active.
Do you see its belly button?
(made ya look)

Jason watched a youtube on preparing live crab.

First you knock it on its head.
It stuns it and spits black water out of its mouth.


We borrowed George's knife so Jason could pry its head/shell off. Morbid.

Just in case you ever wanted to see the inside of a crab's head. Some people eat that.
At this point I'm not sure my appetite wants any of it.

Then you cut it in half.

All rinsed and ready to bake.

This is Jason's favorite picture. Look at Makayla. {laughing} Eek!
Jason loved it. Makayla picked her way through a few bites.
Ethan and I after one nibble opted out. It was just too much biology prior to our dining.

The End


  1. LOL!! That looks really good! Once my biology class took apart a lobster! I miss you guys!