Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We've got mail!

That's right!
We now have mail service. That may not sound like a huge deal (it probably isn't) but we're very happy to have the ability to send and receive it!

There has been a few of you who have asked for our mailing address and we haven't been able to give it until now. You can mail letters or packages to:

Jason and/or Jessica Schmick  
c/o Agape Flights PAP 26676
100 Airport Avenue
VeniceFL  34285

(Yes, for those who didn't know, Andrea's first name is really Jessica.) 

Agape Flights is the organization that we are getting mail through. They ask that any packages sent weigh less than 40 pounds. Also keep in mind that our fee is $1.50 per pound, paid to Agape, on any packages that weigh more than 1 pound. We also pay customs fees for packages. These fees can vary, I'm told, so I don't know exactly what they will be. Having said that, please don't send cash to us through this address (or checks for that matter since we cannot deposit them or cash them here in Haiti).

I say all of this not to discourage sending us mail. We love getting mail! Makayla and Ethan especially do.  I just want to make anyone, who is interested in sending packages, aware of the process and costs associated with it. Along those lines, any items meant for ministry purposes needs to funnel through Christian World Outreach and come over on the containers that they send. If you have stuff that you want to send for ministry you can contact us or them for more information on that.

Below is part of the email that they sent to us today. Agape asked that we share this with anyone who would like to send mail:

"When speaking to your senders, please keep in mind that Agape’s overall cost to transport packages and cargo is actually $4.00 per pound.  We ask that you share this with your supporters when they are sending you packages and make an additional donation on our website to help defray these costs.  These costs include fuel, oil, landing fees, etc.  The missionaries contribute $1.50 of that total amount, but their donation of the entire $4.00 will greatly benefit both the missionaries and Agape Flights Ministry.  They can donate to Agape by selecting “Donate” on our home page and check the box “Flight Ministry cargo shipment to” and then put your name in the empty box below."

If you have questions on anything above let me know at jason.schmick@gmail.com


  1. So, if we send a package & donate the 4 bucks thru the website will you still need to pay the 1.50?

  2. Yes. The donation through the website is just a general contribution which is good but not specific to our package. Don't worry the $1.50 isn't too steep. BETH! :) LOVE YOU GIRL!