Thursday, December 1, 2011


Wow, do we love this girl.  She oozes creativity.  Always.
She brings beauty and life.  Color and happiness to otherwise dull places.
Lord, You love her so much more.  You spent the life of
Your Son to rescue her - so that she would know and love You
as first place in everything!  Thank you.
Lord, You know her.  You know her thoughts before
she thinks them.  You made her.  You know the hairs on her head.
You know the desires of her heart.
Lord, You are the answer to her every need.
Lord, please open up Your promises to her.
Make Your Word life and light.
Fill her up with the Spirit bringing Your beauty for Your glory.
When through the valleys you lead her make her cling to You.
Refine and establish her in Christ that she be without spot or wrinkle when You return.
May she bear much fruit in the unique ways You created her because of Jesus' finished work.
Thanks for sharing such a sweet gift with two undeserving parents and a busy brother.
You are good!  We praise You!

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  1. Makayla,
    I like your flowers! They are really pretty! I hope the rain doesn't wash them all away!