Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let's Go Fly A Kite

One of the time-honored traditions of Haitian culture is making and flying kites...with razor blades attached to the tail of the kite. I'll explain in a minute.

Ever since Hans introduced Ethan to the idea of making his own kite E was hooked. Even though kite-season is a few months away, he couldn't contain himself. Using the description that he got from Hans, Ethan started experimenting on his own with making a kite. He made kites for several days in row and every time Hans said, with the wisdom of an older man, that it wouldn't fly.

To build a Haitian kite you get leaves from coconut trees (behind the house) and strip them so only the center spine is left. These are the bones. Next, you tie 3 or 4 bones together to form the skeleton of the kite. Then you use thin plastic, from the bags at the grocery store, to stretch over the skeleton to finish the kite.

The other day Hans presented Ethan with a kite that would fly. Hans worked on it the night before. Ethan was really blessed and pretty excited to test his new gift. The kite flies marvelously.

Back to the razors. Hans tells us that during kite season everyone gets their kites up in the air, with razor attached, to play a game. The object is to bump into other kites and maneuver in such a way as to cut the other guys kite down. Sounds interesting. Come spring we'll understand more I'm sure.

Below are pictures from two of our kite-flying excursions. One during the day and one at night.

Hans is a skilled kite-flyer. With very little wind he can make them fly.

Taking a break to look out at PAP
Makayla even came up to watch!
So did Andrea but she's stuck behind the camera. 

E and Hans working on getting a longer line of string.
The kite flying by the moon. It was actually a pretty cool sight.
The picture didn't turn out so good.

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