Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zanmi (friend in Haitian Creole)

A few pictures from yesterday:

Hans, Zack, Kyle and Mr. E.  Our new friends across the street graciously bought a set of air-soft guns for the boys.  Ethan was all smiles.  They are planning a big war this weekend.
Sadrackson and Dominique walked and rode the tap-tap about 60 to 70 city
blocks (in Haiti no less) to drop in on us yesterday.
We were happy to spend a little time with them.
Not sure what Ethan is showing the guys here.
He always has something to say and show.
Amos also came to see us. He plays basketball well.
It wasn't his first time to the rodeo.
I'm the fat (big boned) and slow one with the ball.
Andrea baked a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and a big pot of
chicken noodle soup. It was gone after the guys left.
She was happy to cook for them.   I think they were happy she did.
For Will: Shirt-less Ethan again almost always!
He was keeping me company while I fixed breakfast.
No caption needed.
Perfect spot - we fight for this!  THE MONSTER FAN! :-O


  1. Makayl, remember when I came over and E had his shirt off and he was still in his PJ's and he was sorta inbaressed! LOL And he didn't want me to see him with his shirt off so we went to your room! Look at you now E, every pic!!! Silly boy!

  2. He still is embarrassed but I think the temperature issue takes priority. We do need to make him keep his clothes on! I'll tell M about your comment above. I'm so glad you two could visit today. M misses you mucho! :) Tell the fam Hello! and give your Mom a BIG gigantic hug from me! ...this is andrea btw.