Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today, Nov. 23

I started this mornings time in the word thinking about me, taking an internal temperature.  My notion crumbled when the Spirit prompted that today, Nov. 23rd I needed to start by thinking about WHO HE IS. Silence replaced the racket of self focus.  Slowly, by His power, my ears were open and my heart made accessible for the Spirit to speak.  I need to see WHO I'm coming to instead of being enthralled with who is coming.

Today, Nov. 23
Whom have I in heaven besides Thee?  You alone are God.
All my worth is in You.  Life doesn't exist outside of You.
You are the Light of all men.
Wisdom is in knowing You.

You are not easy but You are good.
You have to melt me, batter me, and mold me so that I can enjoy the peaceable fruit of righteousness.
You alone can make a man boast in his weakness, happy to find You as Strength.
Only You can make a man beg for brokenness.
What utter joy to possess a contrite heart.  It's from You.

All Your ways are Truth.
Lord, You are a mystery.
You are not dull or boring.
You do not coddle.
You lead and push us beyond our fear induced comforts - short-sighted pleasures.
In perfect jealousy you make us see what is really precious - namely You.
Oh the bliss of seeing Your Glory.  Theres isn't anything else like You!

Today, help me to boast in my weakness because then I can enjoy Your Strength.
Today, make my heart embrace Your shaping hand, knowing that You are creating righteousness.
Today Lord, quiet me to know that wisdom is only found in the fear - the complete regard of You.

You are over all and in all.  Everything is pointing to You.
You are always good.

Today, make my heart really thankful for the preciousness of Your Glory and the creative way You make me able to experience Your preciousness.
Let us praise You today because there is no other God besides You.

You only are God!

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