Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankfulness Spills Into Song

Thanksgiving was a good day.  Our kids were, perhaps, more genuinely engaged and individually expressive in thankfulness to God than any previous holiday.  Praise God.  It was such a simple morning.  Last minute, Makayla cut out perfect little Fall leaves for us to write our notes of gratitude on.   She is such a gift to our family.  This is a little tradition we did in the States but I did not plan ahead for this year at all.  We listened to, "Squanto", by Odyssey (which is also a little tradition) on the ipod while Jason and I cooked in the kitchen.  Jason prepared a little devotion.  We read Scriptures about thankfulness to God while munching pumpkin scones.  Then he shared a cool discovery.  In every passage we read it lead to singing.  Thankfulness thus cannot be can't help but spill over in worship to God and the declaration of God's goodness to others in song.  Pretty cool, huh?

Lord, thank You for these neighbors!  Bless them.  Fill them up with You.  :)

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