Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On A Roof In Haiti

On A Roof In Haiti
By Makayla Schmick
Marmalade Sunset,
Black palm tree
Against the setting ball of fire

Noises darken
The world grows coal
Except for a single light on the horizon
This late evening hour

I climb flimsy ladder
To my flat roof among trees
Another day of hard work is done

Up top here
The voices I hear
Of this country of mine and its people

Below, wife fries rice
She cooks a meal for me
My son plays soccer
And the great sun dips below sea

This picturesque evening-
It’s the same every night
But never ceases to amaze me-
The beauty of natural happenings, people,
And life.

(In honor of George Francois our Haitian house help. After a day of work you can see his silhouette sitting atop a primitive cement shed gazing far out in the evening darkness. Makayla tried to capture it.)

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