Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Love You Lord


Sometimes during worship on a Sunday or group prayer or with another believing friend somebody would express these four words, "I love you, Lord."  It always took me into a place of contemplation.  Many times I doubtfully believe they really know the full weight of what they're saying and then there are those friends that I really know.  I've seen them hammer it out, grow in grace and truth, trust God when the odds are against them, intercede with all sincerity...I know them.  I've witnessed the Lord's genuine work in them and they'd say, "I love you, Lord."

I couldn't doubt it as easily and yet it still sounded so blah - so man centered.  Every time I thought through it this one thought remained - I am so easily divided...I am not capable of understanding what that really means let alone meaning it.  John says that if we love You we will obey You and yet Lord, you know, how often I disobey and struggle to really love You.  Will I ever be able to mean it enough to sincerely say it and yet isn't this the Christian life - to love God because He first loved us?

My heart was called into question.  Why Lord, do I get caught up on this?  Help me, Lord, to really love You in return. What is the catch?

The other morning the Spirit was reminding me of His greatness.  He is so complex - so extraordinaire - so exalted.  Holy.  Lifted up.  Above all, Creator, Sustainer and He is Humble, Kind, full of grace, Gentle and makes Himself known to depraved man like me.  Think about it!  The King of kings comes as a baby to a poor family to rescue the children of God through death.  Death on the cross even.  What?  This is astounding and baffling to simple and deceived hearts like mine.  His ways are not ours.  He is incredible.  He uses the simple to make His Name known.  He loves the least.  His greatness is beyond what I can understand.  In Christ I am made right, whole, complete.  I am loved in Christ - through Christ - because of Christ.  WOW.  And then it happened with all truthfulness I wrote,  "I love you!" Because of Christ's finished work - I stand complete in Him.  Boldly, confidently and frankly say, "I love You, LORD."

Don't you just love Him?  Who is like our God who comes and changes the hearts of man?

Maybe you wrestle with this similarly.  If you do...pray about it and then trust that even in this He will bring the completion of Christ in your heart.  We will always be growing in the knowledge of His love and then echoing back, "Wow.  I love You Lord!  You are AMAZING!" and that echo will never sound boring.  Praise God!   Thank You for showing us what love is, Lord.  You are love.  Thank You for loving us.  It is baffling how You, Most Holy God, are glorified by our response of love to You. It looks much like scribbled graffiti but Lord to You it is what Your jealousy is completing in us.  Whole worship that declares Your greatness with sincere love because of Your love!  We so do not deserve You.  You are so good.

Oh heart know the full joy of being restored by Christ and made able to sincerely, because of Christ, express such sincere sentiments as a result of His victory on the cross in your life.

We sang this song in church today (and even though many of you know it and we've shared it here before) it seems to keep coming back around.  Truth filled worship is like that.  Contemplate His love while listening.  He alone is the One Who fully loves us and fully knows us.  He is such a jealous lover that His Name will be known in our hearts and we will worship Him in the fullness of joy as a result!  We will love Him.  Hallelujah!  Amen and Amen!!

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