Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ethan's Shenanigans & Chili Success

Abby White's Fort has temporarily been captured, occupied,
and renamed - we promise it will be peacefully entreated to
you when you return.  :)
Outside E is working on his Spelling with Quaker.
Way more fun than sitting at a desk!
Check this out!
 A Boy and the Lizard's Tail:  Okay!  This lizard appears over my shoulder (by my son).  I squeal.

Lizards are not easy to catch or at least E has had to practice; he was so pleased and happy to tout his success.  Really, this is congratulatory even if it took me by surprise.  {Disclaimer: I am okay with these little lizards but on certain conditions.  You have to admit that reptiles inside and over the shoulder at random kinda seem eerie.}

While we talked lizard I cautiously celebrated and quick grabbed the camera.  This is a new memory!
Faking dead, we unknowingly presume.
Then he said, "I hope it drops it's tail!"
"Really?!," I question stupidly (of course this boy hopes to see such a cool trick.  It'd be fascinating).

I quietly turn back to the task-at-hand and instruct him to go outside with it when all of a sudden... shriek, bang, clatter - Makayla hops 10' onto the bed, Ethan gasps (signal for super serious) and I turn rapidly in the office chair to see the lizard scamper behind the dresser.

Without delay I execute the Recapture Lizard Mission with much passion and angst.  "Oh Son?!"  (If I had $.05 for every time I said that we'd be rich!)  "Get that lizard out of here!!!," as I pull the dresser away from the wall.  The poor thing is clinging to the wall with a visible, pulsating, serious-lizard-fear.

He dropped to the floor and I slammed the plastic container over it.  Whew.  {sigh} The vision of it crawling around on us in our sleep vanishes.

Ethan scooted it to the edge of the stairs to slide the lid under the opening without losing it.
Order restored or...  So.  I.  Think.

E was able to see what he really wanted to in the beginning as he scoots the container and the lizard scrambles to keep up with his moving cage.

Minutes later a reptile tail comes flying over my shoulder; landing right beside my elbow on the desk.  My heart is already pulsing at the anaerobic stage because it had not recovered from his first fiasco.  I screamed with absolute disgust!

Finally, I calmed down enough to congratulate his discovery.  "Yes, God made lizards to drop their tails when in danger.  Now get it out of here and NEVER-EVER bring another one inside!  Got it?  Got it."  :)

I still like this kid even though he likes to freak me out more and more!

On that note, let us talk food!
I'm figuring out how to cook in Haiti.  Even though this is old-hat, right?  ...doing it here takes on a new twist.
This is a big pot-o-chili with all Haitian ingredients (most of them local)!!  WHOOT-WHOOT!
I just feel so much more woman if I possess kitchen skills for the family! :)


  1. OH what a great story about the lizard :) Kalel will love it :)

  2. Give him a hug from us when you read it to him! We LOVE - LOVE - LOVE you guys! =)