Friday, November 25, 2011

Car shopping in Haiti on Black Friday!

Forget about shopping for TV's, Kindle Fire's or Angry Birds board games for Black Friday, today I was able to go looking for a vehicle with Sergo (one of CWO's employees here in Haiti). It was an interesting experience, but I think we're moving in the right direction to get wheels here.

Sergo doesn't know much English and I don't know much Creole so after the initial hello's we sat in silence most of the trip. After awhile Sergo turned on the radio to fill the space. I asked him if it was "Kreyol mizik" and he said "Wi, Noel." So I was able to listen to Haitian Christmas music today too. But I noticed the radio stations here like to mix it up a bit. After a few songs that sounded like they were in Creole I think I heard a song in Spanish and then before long we were listening to some of the "great" musicians from the States. You know, like Michael Bolton and Mariah Carey singing Jingle Bells or Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

For some reason it seemed like we should be listening to Kanye or Jay-Z. I guess Michael Bolton's Christmas album is pretty close to the same genre, right?

I found out that the cars are a little cheaper if no one in the place speaks English. The lots that have fluent English speakers seem to charge more. Another interesting tidbit: every time, without fail, that I asked the price they shot out a number and then about a minute later they came down $1,000 exactly. Every single car lot I went to today did that. It must be standard operating procedure to give a price that is $1,000 more than you actually want to get for the car and then come down a $1,000 after about 60 seconds or so.

Here's the top 5 from today:

Mitsubishi Montero, 2002, $14,000 (after discount), 121,000 miles, gasoline.
It's from the US which is a plus. Smooth roads are good for cars.

Something's fishy about this one. I'll have to get Rigaud to look at it.
Nissan engine but I'm unfamiliar with the brand name on the body.
The guy said it was a 2009 with 30,000 miles?
They want 17,000, I mean 16,000 for it.

This may be the one for us. Nissan Pathfinder 1999, from the US.
108,000 miles on it. Seemed like it was in great shape...
$7,500 after standard discount!

Somebody in Miami is sending over boatloads of Mitsubishi Montero's.
They're everywhere. This one's also a 2002 with 131,000 miles...14,000 bucks.

Another one from the US. Toyota 4Runner.
Lots of miles on it though = 159,000. $15,000.

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