Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pictures From Today

View from the roof
We can see the ocean from here.
Haiti has beautiful mountains.
Heat deflecting screens to keep the house a bit cooler.
These solar panels can run the fridge and a few fans and lights and still
charge the batteries (during the day).
Jason is in awe of Will's system and wants one just like it.  :)
Water is pumped from the cistern to here for in-home use. 
Jason did a bit of cleaning on the roof today.
Those two little holes at the edge collectrain water for the house.
They sometimes fill up with leaves and dirt so he swept and cleaned them
out today. We have a chance of rain for the next three nights.
School is officially in full-swing!
Ethan likes the dogs.
We're in awe of the neighbors front yard.
Big-time recommendation: Andrew Peterson's fiction series:
The Wingfeather saga.
We're half way through the second book.
Front porch, second story.
Let me introduce you to a little friend.
Andrea zapped it with bleach.


  1. The view is awesome! M didn't tell me you could see the ocean!
    Yikes is that a cockroach? Good Job Andrea!
    Miss you guys a ton!

  2. Oh and we miss you! Yes, that is the ocean. It is a roach but now it has been wiped out. :)