Monday, October 24, 2011

The Haiti House Pics

Here's a few pictures from around the house we are renting from our missionary friends in Nebraska for the first 8 months. Most of our last few days have been here. Between unpacking and setting up school and figuring out how things work we've kept surprisingly busy.

E-man on the stairs!
Our new school room!
Watched a Piper sermon this week.
No transportation makes it hard to get to church.
The kid's bathroom.
Kia said this is her favorite room in the house.
This is where we sleep.
View from the upstairs hallway looking into the kids rooms.
The cistern. It collects rainwater from the roof for household
use and  to drink but only after is passes through the purifier.
It's deep!
Puppy! and...
Quaker. The White's two dogs. They're nice to us and also good guard dogs.
The front gate.
Our front yard looking towards the neighbors house.
Ethan loves the trampoline; it is a great energy extractor.
View of the front of the house.
Water heater...a rare and greatly appreciated item in Haiti.
Will has this down.
Two tanks for the water heater and gas stove.
One runs out, just switch over to the spare.
A new tank is coming tomorrow to replace the empty one.
Piping coming off the roof that collects rainwater.
The electrical system is getting to be less and less of a mystery.
The inverter and batteries. Worth their weight in gold (almost).
These tools make a seamless transition to battery power
when the public power goes off (and it goes off every single day)
Washer and dryer
...also rare and greatly appreciated items in Haiti.
Last but not least, the generator.
I've only fired it up once and that was just to make sure
I could get it going. The electricity has been steady enough that we haven't had to use it.

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  1. Wow! It looks pretty nice! You should get a pic of the view, you where saying it was cool to.