Thursday, October 13, 2011


“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, 
which a man found and covered up. 
Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field." Matthew 13:44

  • Jason is officially not an employee in the USA.  Weird feeling.  Even though God is always the only Provider whether through a regular job/paycheck it is an odd thing to walk away from the employment world the way we've known it. 
  • We're wrapping up all sorts of loose ends on the packing front.  The goal now is to weigh out 8 suitcases at 50 lbs each.  It is almost laughable to look at what is left; wondering how in the world it is going to all fit into 8 things of luggage?  We will soon find out. :)
  • My friend Amy handed me the gift of herself 8 months ago one Wednesday - today she did the same in practical kindness and artwork.  Very cool.  Few people do this well - give their whole heart (me included).  Amy crashed in on me and I'm glad she did.  I've enjoyed her candid perspectives, loyalty and creativity.  I've learned a lot from watching her this past year.  
  • We need people in our lives or we become quite stale and self-centered.  We are not meant to be alone.
  • Janet's card spoke so much truth and shared joy in following Christ.  I needed that reminder.
  • Again, the friendships we've enjoyed here in Broken Bow are such a gift!  
  • Ethan and his friend Cora played and played this afternoon.  Makayla even jumped in.  What a great way for the kids to get ready to move - playing! 
  • The Cooper-Clan graciously threw together a going away supper for us at the church.  As we said our 'final' good-byes the girls were scheming another sleepover with Makayla.  Why not?  So Makayla is a guest at the Cooper's tonight.
Ethan, Cora and Charlie (the dog).

One whole bottle of shampoo later and Charlie is feelin' the love.

Man-O-Man, Ethan has the best spot.

The Coopers - good friends.

Our Pastor's family from Broken Bow Berean!

Amy.  She keeps it real and jumps in with her whole heart!  One cool woman.

Cody and Olivia - they're Broken Bow residents now as we squeak out.

This picture gives this Mama's heart much joy!
I love - love - love how the Lord answered prayer.
Makayla and I through many tears and a few years prayed for friends like these.
 The Lord heard us and graciously blessed.
Makayla's smile shows it!  Friends come as a gift and are a great responsibility.

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