Saturday, October 29, 2011

Up High

Instructions:  Click the link above in a separate window and then come back to our blog and scroll through the pictures to this song.  Think about the millions of people in this country, the beauty of our world because of our Creator and the incredible loss because of our sin.  Then praise Jesus that He is our Rescue, our only Hope.

This is my Father's world...

To my listening ears - all nature sings and around me
rings the music of the spheres.
This is my Father's world. 

I rest me in the thought...

of rocks, of trees...

of skies...
of seas...His hand the wonders wrought.
This is my Father's world.
 O let me ne'er forget
that though the wrong seems oft so strong
God is the Ruler yet.

This is my Father's world.
(those are not rocks but buildings, houses, people)
Oh the battle is not done...cause Jesus Who died will be satisfied...
and earth-n-heaven will be one. 
 Cause Jesus, Who died, will be satisfied;
and earth and heaven will be one -
Oh earth and heaven
oh earth and heaven...will be one.
Up high I whispered with creation, "Come, Jesus come."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pictures From Today

View from the roof
We can see the ocean from here.
Haiti has beautiful mountains.
Heat deflecting screens to keep the house a bit cooler.
These solar panels can run the fridge and a few fans and lights and still
charge the batteries (during the day).
Jason is in awe of Will's system and wants one just like it.  :)
Water is pumped from the cistern to here for in-home use. 
Jason did a bit of cleaning on the roof today.
Those two little holes at the edge collectrain water for the house.
They sometimes fill up with leaves and dirt so he swept and cleaned them
out today. We have a chance of rain for the next three nights.
School is officially in full-swing!
Ethan likes the dogs.
We're in awe of the neighbors front yard.
Big-time recommendation: Andrew Peterson's fiction series:
The Wingfeather saga.
We're half way through the second book.
Front porch, second story.
Let me introduce you to a little friend.
Andrea zapped it with bleach.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Haiti House Pics

Here's a few pictures from around the house we are renting from our missionary friends in Nebraska for the first 8 months. Most of our last few days have been here. Between unpacking and setting up school and figuring out how things work we've kept surprisingly busy.

E-man on the stairs!
Our new school room!
Watched a Piper sermon this week.
No transportation makes it hard to get to church.
The kid's bathroom.
Kia said this is her favorite room in the house.
This is where we sleep.
View from the upstairs hallway looking into the kids rooms.
The cistern. It collects rainwater from the roof for household
use and  to drink but only after is passes through the purifier.
It's deep!
Puppy! and...
Quaker. The White's two dogs. They're nice to us and also good guard dogs.
The front gate.
Our front yard looking towards the neighbors house.
Ethan loves the trampoline; it is a great energy extractor.
View of the front of the house.
Water heater...a rare and greatly appreciated item in Haiti.
Will has this down.
Two tanks for the water heater and gas stove.
One runs out, just switch over to the spare.
A new tank is coming tomorrow to replace the empty one.
Piping coming off the roof that collects rainwater.
The electrical system is getting to be less and less of a mystery.
The inverter and batteries. Worth their weight in gold (almost).
These tools make a seamless transition to battery power
when the public power goes off (and it goes off every single day)
Washer and dryer
...also rare and greatly appreciated items in Haiti.
Last but not least, the generator.
I've only fired it up once and that was just to make sure
I could get it going. The electricity has been steady enough that we haven't had to use it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Countdown BLAST OFF (a little late)

"But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, 
for my power is made perfect in weakness." 
Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, 
so that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

  • Our two day pause in Florida was much needed.  My sister Mariah and her family are just a whole lot of fun and her hospitality was a welcomed gift.
  • Getting our luggage weighed out at 50 lbs was a funny sight according to Mariah and David.  Jason sang a little while we shuffled and packed late into the night.
  • Saying, "Good-bye", just gets old and yet it is so important.
  • Our flights went very well.  Connections couldn't have gone better.  We knew that many of you were praying because we felt His perfect peace carry us to Haiti.
  • We took our friend Bert's advice and strapped our luggage down with smart-straps once in Haiti.  When you're pushing 400+ lbs of luggage on rusty carts over broken sidewalks and persistent unwanted help it can add to stress levels BUT...this time we breezed right on through with a kind but determined, "No, merci!"  (No, thank you).
  • Pastor Joel called out Jason's name while we were pushing luggage.  Oh the familiar face is a tremendous relief.  Jason bear hugged him, then we saw Sergo and soon Sadrack.
  • We loaded our junk into the 'Caged Truck' and headed for our house.
  • Sadrack climbed in the back with the kids and I.  It was good to catch up on his latest happenings. He has a job (hooray) and is applying at a college in the U.S. to which he was preparing to take a verbal English test for yesterday.  I kept reassuring him that he had nothing to worry about.  His English is very good (he taught himself).  
  • Will and Julie did such a good job making it move-in ready.  Seriously, this house (all set up) is a major blessing.  It would be so, SO much harder without their help.
  • We unloaded and began to unpack when the neighbors invited us over to their party and supper. 
  • Instead of eating granola bars for supper by ourself God provided new neighbors and a Mexican fiesta.  God is good.
  • We were all seriously tuckered out and a tinsy bit homesick.  Reality is setting in.  It comes in waves.  Sometimes we are all chill and anticipating this new adventure and then there are other times when we can't believe we just did this.  Ethan, in particular, is struggling.  
  • Today another nice neighbor took us to the grocery and the open market.  I was impressed with her Creole.  She lived in a village for awhile to which she picked up culture and language quickly.  For only being here a year she is well adjusted!
  • Everything is running good so far.  We need to get some fuel in case we have to use the generator.
  • None of us are used to the heat and this is cooler for Haiti.  My feet look like I'm 9 months pregnant.  
  • We all decided that we show signs of not drinking enough water.  So tonight we turned on the only window a.c. in the house (just for a little bit) and chugged water.  I know those of you in Nebraska are lighting up the fire places about now, making famous chili recipes and sipping hot cocoa.  However way down South we're enjoying the opposite luxury! :)
  • Tomorrow we need to set up our school area.  Hopefully, school will resume tomorrow.    Other than that all of our luggage is unpacked.
  • Ethan had a much better day today.  Thankfully!
  • Makayla is quietly writing and processing a lot.
  • Jason is being a great leader.  Tackling all of these loose ends, figuring it all out (there is so much to get your mind around) and providing a positive outlook for us to lean on.  Thanks Jason.  We need you.
  • We climbed up on the rooftop and drank in the view.  It is good to get above the fences and noise. It is a breathtaking 360 panoromic view.  The ocean, big mountains that just drop off into the water, Haitians about their day, houses upon houses, the sunset and the neighbor's beautiful front yard.  It was worth the climb.  I will try to remember my camera the next time we ascend so that we can share it with you.
  • It is becoming abundantly clear that we really need to learn Creole quickly or at least get a Creole foundation and purchase a vehicle.  Both of these would afford us great freedoms and progress in a foreign land but neither of these two things happen easily.  Pray for connections and sharp retaining minds.
  • Tonight the bed promises more sleep.  awwwh.
My sister gifted us pedicures.  It was our first time ever.  Splendid!
Amelia Grace has a great smile...
...and super great big brown eyes!
...and lots of baby chub.
Makayla enjoys her Auntie absolutely.
Saying good-bye.
Last starbucks on our way to Haiti.  "Here's to a new chapter!  Cheers."