Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Rocking Chair

Ethan overheard Jason and I discussing what furniture to take and what to leave behind when I voiced, "Let's leave the rocking chair.  It's 10 years old.  We've had it since Ethan was a baby and it's seen better days.  It doesn't have much use left." 

Up until this point neither of our kids seemed to even be paying attention to the topic at hand but then Ethan piped up loud and clear, "What?!  No.  I mean, I'm okay with everything up until now.  But Mom?  (bursting into tears)  This has been in our family since I was a baby.  You spent so much time with us there...singing Selah to us.  Rocking us.  No, I do not want to leave it."

He captured the tug we're all feeling.  I like that about kids.  Where I hold back in layers - they are all out there.  It is much easier to come to Jesus with honest hearts than when we stuff or deny our struggle.  The hymn sings it well, "let goods and kindred go - this mortal life also."  It is hard to lay down all that is familiar here.  Inevitably a bit of our identity is wrapped up in our 'stuff'.  With time and memories there is an attachment to a 'thing'.  It is a great heart check.  Is my identity in God alone or our memories and a few of our favorite things?   

It lead to a breath of fresh air as we all sighed honestly from within, "Lord, this is tough."  Jason immediately grabbed his son and hugged his head to his Papa-belly.  We were all quiet for a little while.  Then one by one we began to see what a gift this rocking chair has been.  It's true.  In this chair we've spent many hours together... from the time Ethan was a new baby until now.  It's rarely unoccupied.  I've prayed and prayed for our kids' souls in this chair.  We did snuggle and worship in song from this comfy spot.  I clapped and cheered from here the night Ethan took his first steps.

Finally, by the Spirit's leading, we landed on this wonderful truth!  The chair didn't create any of those good memories.  It's just a chair.  The Giver of this chair that's a different story.   The Giver of this chair made it a means of His grace and generously gave us all of those special times.  God provided it when we didn't even know we had need of it.  And if God provided then, in such a fabulous way, will He not continue to provide.  It isn't the rocking chair that created all of these blessings.  Oh no!  It is GOD!  God alone is our Shepherd, Who gives good gifts so we will not want.

In the end we agreed to take the rocking chair.  We'll rock it to its death with hearts full of more praise to Him; remembering the lesson each of our hearts needed.  God used Ethan's honesty and this chair to direct us to these truths: He is so good to us!  We don't deserve anything yet we lack nothing.  He sustains us always - in every season!  He is full of mercy - abundant in kindness.  Faithful.  He makes His Name known even in this.  Thanks God for being such a thorough Provider.  Teach Makayla and Ethan to enjoy the gift because of the GIVER!  We look expectantly for our God to reveal Himself as we move onward.  He is ALWAYS with us!  We can trust Him! 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. This brought tears to my eyes.