Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hey everyone.

Here's a quick update on support.

We just got our latest report from Christian World Outreach. It looks like we are about 96% supported monthly! That's good news! Thank you!
We have $172 in monthly pledges left to go and we'll be purchasing one-way tickets to Haiti.

If you're getting our newsletter you read, in the most current one, that we needed over $400 in monthly support. In about 1 week that amount has been more than cut in half. That's amazing, especially at this stage.

Thanks. We really can't say that enough. God has been gracious to us over and over through many of you.

Our other budget, for one-time expenses, is growing as well. We aren't sure how much we will need for that. The main two expenses that we have are a vehicle and one-way tickets. The price of tickets is pretty easy to predict. The price on a vehicle is a bit harder. I've been communicating with a couple of missionaries, who are currently in Haiti, about car prices. I've heard of people buying 4-wheel drives for as little as $11,000, but I've also heard numbers much higher. Pray that God will provide the right vehicle for our family. It's going to be an essential part of our ministy to have a dependable vehicle that can get us around the roads of Haiti.

Thanks for praying with us for these needs.
Thanks again to those of you who have and are giving to this ministry.

God is faithful.
- Jason

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