Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Haiti?

Another great question we hear often is, "Why Haiti?  or What made you choose Haiti?"
Ethan and Ivenson at the center in PAP

The short to that question is...
Haiti just seemed to open up to us.

The journey to that answer goes something like this...
In 2004 we started tracking a blog called Real Hope For Haiti.  Often times the kids and I would be gathered around the computer praying for a sick child or their missionary staff.  A couple of years we took the Advent Conspiracy Call and excitedly gave our Christmas to them.  Haiti/missions was growing in our hearts.

In July, 2009 we were able to join the McCook Evangelical Free Church's short term mission's trip to Haiti with Christian World Outreach.  After our week in Haiti we came away with a clear conviction to be responsive from the Word (1 John 3:17), a heart for the local church and a deep stirring to make our lives available to God (though we weren't sure what that would look like).

In September, 2009 we were able to sell our share of the family business, our house and relocate to Minneapolis, Minnesota to sit under Pastor John Piper's missions-minded preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Jason was able to take the Perspectives Course along with our whole family taking in lots and lots of good teaching.  It was a year of soaking and being changed.  The Lord continued to grow both missions and Haiti in our hearts.

In the Spring of 2010 Christian World Outreach contacted us and asked us to consider serving with them in Haiti full time.  This was it!  The Lord had made all four of our hearts ready to answer with a joyful absolute.

In August of 2010 we packed up our townhome and eventually found ourselves here in Broken Bow, Nebraska raising support for missions in Haiti!

In this journey God continues to be faithful and kind to refine our vision, build up our faith, make us more dependent on Him; trusting His purposes and not our great ideas.  He is good at every turn and twist in the journey.

As Amy Carmichael said, "It is a safe thing to trust Him with the desires that He creates."

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