Monday, August 1, 2011

What are you doing and how can we help?

Look at those sweet faces.  Girls hanging out at the CWO center in PAP.

As we meet new people that love God and have a heart for missions these are often the top questions.  I thought it might be helpful to post a little Q & A here.

Who are you?
My husband, Jason, our two kids and I are planning to move to Haiti as full time missionaries with Christian World Outreach in September.  Our first 10 months will be spent building relationships with the national C.W.O. missionaries, learning to live in Haiti, learning the culture and the language.

Who is sending you?
C.W.O. has been in Haiti for 32 years.  They are currently ministering in these ways: 8 churches (with plans to plant more), pastoral training, children's feeding program, two women's vocational trade schools, a medical clinic, a developing water program and a new elementary level school for children in tent cities.

How long will you be there?
After our first 10 months we will take a short furlough just to evaluate everything and then we'll minister in Haiti 3 years at a time.  Our long term vision and heart is two-sided and yet hand-in-hand:  discipleship & training of young men with business creation as missions.  

How are you sent and where is your support?
We are being financially sent by brothers and sisters in Christ, both independently and church families. Our monthly budget is currently 75% filled.  We have one time expenses as well and it is approx 50% filled.  Our organization would like us to be 100% supported or pledged before we leave.

How can you help?
We'd love to have you jump on board in any which way - whether you'd just like to track our blog/facebook page, receive our newsletter, pray for us, contribute to our duathlon efforts or join our sending-support team we welcome you!  Let us know if you have any questions.

Sending organization:

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