Thursday, August 25, 2011

Charis Babcock

Charis with one of her two sons.

I'd like you to meet the one and only Charis Babcock!  She completes our racing team.  The duathlon is 9 days away and counting.  We are all working super hard and it is a great honor to have Charis join in on the 'fun'.

Charis is Michelle's sister and so that is how I know this lovely lady!  One of my favorite things about Michelle is that she comes with sisters.  Charis is a fabulous piece in their family puzzle.  I love witnessing their sisterhood.  Though there are few similarities between the four of them they are a strong, passionate, oppinionated and spicy group of girls that love Jesus, His church and eachother.  Their conversations are stimulating and faith building and a little bit crazy.  Seriously, just a crew of chick-bliss.

Thank you Charis for following Jesus and being excited about missions with us.  I am so glad to have you on board!  This running/biking stuff isn't easy but so much more fun together and with a missions motive.

Check out her duathlon page here and consider sponsoring her.  It's a fun way to help send us missionary folk.  All proceeds go directly to Christian World Outreach and will be used for our ministry in Haiti.

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