Monday, August 29, 2011

81 became 89

Our family in front of a Haitian history museum
There's more than one way to skin a cat.

I typed that phrase knowing what it meant but not knowing what it's origins were.
Turns out no one really knows where it comes from. Mark Twain used it back in the late 1800's in one of his books, some people think it came from a Southern expression of skinning catfish, others say it refers to a gymnastic trick.
But pretty much everyone agrees on what it means.

There is more than one way to get things done.

Our original budget was an estimate. We, of course, have never lived in Haiti and CWO doesn't currently have any people from the U.S. living there that could help us with a budget.  So we asked questions about the cost of living and did some research. The White family was really REALLY helpful in that process.  Living in Haiti is sort of expensive. The reasons, I am told, are multiple. For one, the UN has a significant presence in Haiti. All those UN guys rent a lot of the housing, thus making the cost of it go up. Secondly, it's an island. Lots of things from fuel to food to Fords are imported. That makes all of those things more expensive too.

Back to the skinning the cat part:

God has been building our sending team by the week and we are getting very close to being sent. Thank you and Praise God! We have been blessed over and over by many of you. Your prayer and support are very valuable. As He is doing that, we have been re-evaluating our budget and trying to trim here and there. We submitted a new slimmed-down one today, asking if we can go on 90% of the original, and pending CWO Board approval we will go with the new one.

That means instead of having a budget that is 81% filled we have one that is little over 89%.

Bottom line: a bit more than 10% sends us

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