Saturday, July 16, 2011

Schmick Family Updates

It's the middle of July already!

Here are a few updates since we've been pretty terrible about keeping up on this blog as of late:

- We are loving Broken Bow and the surrounding area more and more, thus making it harder and harder to leave for Haiti. Especially for the kiddos, who have made so many great friends in the last 7 months.

- Broken Bow Berean invited us to come speak to them on July 10th. It's really fun talking to missions-minded people about missions! It's like talking to my dad about the grocery business. They understand it and have a heart for it. They were so supportive and encouraging that I felt like it was my high-school graduation again.

- We're going to Broken Bow Evangelical Free church on July 31st. We have some dear friends there. We are looking forward to sharing our vision of ministry in Haiti with those folks.

- The August target date isn't going to happen. Our new launch date is September. We will probably leave towards the end of the month. When we originally decided to go in August we knew it was a stretch. It turns out that it was too much of one. Lord willing, we will have our support in place by then.

- (Related to the post above) - Will and Julie White said they would hold our housing until we get there, which was very gracious of them. These guys have been a major help to us! On that note, Will emailed me the other day and said that he had a spare generator he'd loan us. That's really good news for a few reasons! I don't have to buy one right away (which will lower our initial one-time expense budget) and I don't have to try to get it hooked up right when we get there.

- Lastly, we are looking forward to running and biking in a duathlon in Boulder, CO on September 3rd. We have a good team of people doing it with us. The last time I posted on this blog I wrote about that. So if you want to know more about it please read there.


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