Friday, July 29, 2011

Cody Schmick

Cody and Olivia
My brother Cody is running and biking with us in a duathlon in Boulder, CO on September 3rd.
I asked him to compete in it a few weeks back and he readily agreed and starting training right away.
A couple of days ago he texted me and said he already did the WHOLE thing!
He "claims" that he ran 3.1 miles, rode his bike 17 miles and then ran the last 3.1 miles. All without walking or stopping?
Andrea and I are strongly questioning the validity of this claim since we, who have been training longer than he has been, are nowhere near being able to do this yet.
Seriously though, we are blessed by him, Christin and Olivia. They have been very encouraging and supportive.

Here is the link to his page for the duathlon! He is registered under Christian World Outreach and you can sponsor him by clicking this:
100% of all donations go to CWO for our ministry in Haiti.

Thanks Cody.

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