Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Haiti? Why Serve? Why Missions?

Follow the link and listen to one of the BEST sermons in history. This is why we want to count our lives as cheap. This is why we want to love what God loves. His joy is our pursuit and worth any loss it requires. This is the battle on our hearts - the battle for our worship. What is the object of our affection?  This is the war on your heart as well.  We were made to worship - to delight with increasing measure.  We were made to know and enjoy God.  Forever.  But sin enters the story and this world is broken.  Now we struggle to delight in everything but God.

The things in this world - the seen world seems so worth our effort but (by the miracle of the Spirit) we see God in the Word.  We see the DELIGHT that He is.  There is no comparison.!  We realize that He is THE SUPREME TREASURE we are made to worship.   He is the reason we are here. 

Oh that we would not get entangled in the treasures (little /t/) in this life but run with all our might for the increasing joy of THE TREASURE - Jesus Christ! He alone satisfies.

He loves the world for the glory of His Name. He loves the poor - for His glory. He loves the lost - for His glory.  He loves His enemies - for His glory.  He loves the sick and the broken for His Name and so I do too because His Spirit is revealing to me that my joy is only full in HIM and this is Who He is - for His glory.

I do hope you enjoy the fascinating truth captured in this sermon.

Passion for the Supremacy of God, Part 2

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