Friday, June 10, 2011

A letter from our Haitian friends!

Below is the most recent update from our ministry partners in Haiti. I thought it might be beneficial to see some of the work that is happening in Haiti through Christian World Outreach through their perspective. It was written by the Haitian national missionaries.

June 10, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

We greet you in Jesus’ name, our Lord and Savior. We give praise and glory to the Lord for what He is doing for Grace Evangelical Assembly, our church located close to the border in Ouanaminthe. We appreciate so much the effort of the team from Hawaii who came so far to work on the project to help our brothers and sisters at the church in Ouanaminthe. And we thank all people who contributed to help financially to start with the dig of the foundation of the church last month. To all of you thank you so much for letting God use you to encourage us by your prayer and support of the ministry of the Gospel at this church in Haiti. We pray that this newsletter will find you well and in good health. We want to take also this opportunity to share with you how God is faithful to the church in Ouanaminthe.
We started this church on the first Sunday of August 2007 with 40 people. Now the church meeting is over one hundred people. We want to share with you this following report received from our pastor there. It was on Saturday, March 19, 2011, when the engineer, the masons and the pastor of the church met at 7 a.m. on the church land in order to lay the foundation of the church building. The church members received instruction from the engineer to dig the foundation and implant the pillars of the church. After one week, they had completed with the masonry. But, they stopped with the work because the foundation took more money than they expected. According to the report from the pastor of the church, the church has $849 USD of debt.

We ask you to join with us to praise the Lord for what He has already done for the brothers and sisters in Ouanaminthe, and to continue to pray that the Lord will provide for the need of the construction of the church building at Ouanaminthe.


Starting to dig the foundation of the church.

Progress on foundation of the church.

Church meeting on the Sunday after the foundation was completed.

Church meeting on the Sunday after the foundation was completed.

Rigaud Saint-Amour
Pastor - Grace Evangelical Assembly

Joel St Amour
Haiti National Director - Christian World Outreach

Marie St Amour
Feminine Training Center

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