Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Will and Julie are stellar and incredibly helpful!  No joke — they are a serious provision from God because if you remember back to last September we tried to avoid the little village of Broken Bow, NE just because we didn't know anybody there.  We were going to live in Scottsbluff while Jason pulled long exhausting shifts in BB but GOD.  God had other plans and all of that lead to the White's in Haiti.  We are thankful to God!!!

For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.  2Cor 4:15

After getting ready for the day Ethan and I took a little stroll down the street in both directions with Julie.  She explained each house and the level of activity in the neighborhood.  So helpful to know.  They live on a dead end street and if you walk to this one end there is a ravine filled with one Haitian house on top of the next.   Julie paused in her soft spoken way to say, "Sometimes we come here and pray for the people in the ravine."  This same ravine can be seen clearly from the balcony upstairs.  Here is a mission we can engage right away — continue praying for the people in the ravine.  Yes, Lord.  Intercession is always a great way to live.

Just a few houses down she showed us where you can buy a cold soda.  Sometimes she sends their son and the guard family's sons down with a few gouds for a cold fresco.  Good to know!!  Ethan will love that.  :)

Then it was time to pick up our trusty tour guide and translator - Sadrackson with his friend Amos.  We got a SIM card for Jason's cell phone.  He now has a Haiti number.  Huge accomplishment.  We found our way down to the PAP History Museum.  It is right across the street from the Palace that was destroyed in the earthquake.  The museum is an incredible asset to this country as they're able to preserve their history.  It even had the anchor of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria.  Incredible!
Our family in front of the museum in PAP across from the Palace.

There were many Haitians zooming about with a flag waving proudly.  Tomorrow is Flag Day and so the celebration is already beginning.

We ate a little fast food for lunch (Haitian style).  Just a side note — their coke (bottled in PAP) is made with sugar cane instead of corn syrup thus so much yummier.  We drove sat in traffic forever.  We tried to see the convention center but lost our way before time was up. We got to see and show the kids a lot of PAP.  It felt good to come "home" to fresh mangos and  soup joumou by George the fabulous cook.

The Whites invited the other missionary neighbors on the block for supper to get to know each other a bit.  It was so — so — so good to meet them and their kids.  Ethan and Makayla enjoyed it so much!  They will have neighbors their age for the first time in 9 years.  What a blessing!


  1. Hey guys - glad I found you on FB! It is great to hear what the Lord is doing there as you visit, pray, plan, walk, ... HE is ALWAYS working to bring people to Himself!

  2. Thanks Pastor John, we're glad you're looking at the blog too. He is always working! thanks for the encouragement.

    Hi Vern! Thanks for you comments and for looking at the blog.