Monday, May 9, 2011

Suitcase News

The suitcases are packed and weighing in at a nice plump 50 lbs.  So many of you have been extremely generous.  Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!  This is a fun way for individuals to personally invest in the lives of others which is SO worthwhile!  Because we know that, "It is better to give than receive."

We found out today that in February American Airlines changed their checked luggage policy. :\  1 free checked back per person, the second bag is $30/each to check and then the third bag takes a healthy leap up to $100/each.  Yikes!  This means that instead of us taking 8 free checked bags we can only take 4. We are planning, however, to check 4 more because the fee isn't too steep ($30 as mentioned above). So, we'll take 6 of the bags with donated stuff for CWO ministries and 2 for our family. The other 2 will go to CWO's headquarters in Littleton, CO and await the next container shipment.

The good news is that all supplies will eventually get there and the bad news is that 2 of our cases will wait for another date; taking route by ship instead of plane.

Even in this I'm reminded that God is sovereign and wise.  God orders all things - even this.  It is God's perfect timing for the supplies that come at a later date even if it is outside of our knowledge.  God is in control and that is a safe place to rest and rejoice!

Thank you for jumping in on the fun. :)
Still keep watching our blog because we'll track the 6 cases' journey just the same!

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