Friday, May 27, 2011

Stuck in Fort Lauderdale!

Well, we are still in the Sunshine State right now. Our plan was to be in McCook this morning but in God's sovereign plan we still find ourselves in the airport sippin' Dunkin Donuts (only because Starbucks was unavailable). The third time's a charm it looks like. The first flight was booked incorrectly, still not sure who's to blame for that and still not entirely sure what exactly happened. We got a second flight booked for this morning at 8:30 a.m. only to find out it was canceled due to weather problems somewhere in the world? They told us we wouldn't be able to leave until tomorrow morning which meant another hotel night :/ But we found another plane leaving tonight and we should be to Denver by 8.
So here are some pictures from the last part of the trip. Thanks for looking at the blog.

Dominique the Worship Leader at Grace Fellowship in PAP. He is currently going to school for Bible and would like to go to seminary someday. It is evident that he has a genuine walk with the Lord.

Makayla during the VBS at the CWO center. She did so well at learning the language and spending time with many of the young Haitian ladies.

Makayla and Ethan sleeping in our accommodations at the center.

Haitian soda makes Ethan wild just like American soda does!

Ethan and Ivenson!

Andrea playing that hand slapping game. This little girl was pretty aggressive. She wanted to put the pain on Andrea.

Amos, E, and Sadrack. Ethan kept them laughing all week and they loosened him up.   He was having way more fun by the end of the week because of them.

Kia getting a Haitian hair-do. She was a good sport.  She didn't think she would want to wear it this way all the time. In fact, she took it out as soon as VBS was over that day. Its pretty hard for a white-girl to pull that hair-do off.

Possibly, the cutest girl in the world. 

Ethan had many boys his age in and around the center.  Lots and lots of kiddos in Haiti.

My beautiful Bride with some new friends.

Building benches for the feeding program.

Carts like these are often seen in Haiti. Men pull them through the streets carrying all sorts of stuff.

Some of the girls at the center.

Greg was so gracious to let us tag along the last leg of our trip.

Tent city close to the airport.

Can you see Ethan?

Haitian hardware store. A bit different from Home Depot.

Playing a game similar to 500...only with a bean bag instead of a football.

Striking a pose.

Yummy rice.

A common site...Ethan trying to convince Sadrack of something. 

Some good work at the Feminine Training Center.

The team from CO that let us join them part of the week.
I told Sadrack he was gifted leader and teacher. He wasn't so sure, but this guy rocked at VBS. He's a gift to Haiti and CWO's work there. Pray for him.

Andrea helping some of the younger kids at craft-time. As always, glitter was a HIT!

Super-duper ministry that has my wheels turning. Basket making, jewelry making, bag making, etc.  The Apparent Project was like a well-oiled machine producing jobs and income for Haitians.

Kalya is better at Creole than me, Andrea and Ethan put together!  She worked hard on it this trip and it shows.

Apparent Project again. Making jewelry.

The food that was served at VBS. Haitians love, love, love rice. 

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