Sunday, May 22, 2011


Abigial at a park with cattle in the background
Airsoft action
Makayla took a spill. Scraped both knees.
We've been able to show our kids many things about Haiti - the good, the bad and the ugly.  There is a lot to see and a lot to review - which takes time.  They are both feeling much more encouraged about the possibilities of moving here which is good.

This may be our last post for awhile as we are relocating to The Center.  CWO has a short term team here to do a VBS with the Children's Feeding Program so we planned to hang with them and take in all the things going on at the center.  Unfortunately, their Internet is not up and running quite yet.

It has been such a blessing to hang out with the White family.  They are superb and their hospitality is so full of the Spirit.  We have been blessed and blessed and blessed some more.  Thank you Lord and thank you Whites!

Saturday, Julie was able to run around with us a bit which was fun.  She showed us how to get to The Giant (a grocery store for expats) which is where we'll buy meat.  Reality check #1: our pampered American stomachs would not be able to handle unrefrigerated meat.  Reality check #2: our grocery budget can't afford The Giant for too many shopping needs.  Eeek!  Everything was like 3 times higher than at Schmick's Market.  Reality check #3:  We have to learn how to shop at the open market many of our shopping needs and secondly, we need to bring some things from the States.  We are learning, learning, learning!

Then we found a couple souvenir shops which were fun to see.  She showed us a chapel yard that has lots of places to run and play for the kids.  Very helpful!  We met Shelly who is developing The Apparent Project ministry.  They make jewelry out of trash to empower Haitians to make money.  The Lord is granting her much success.  They're doing a good work.

The girls "shopped" with us and the boys enjoyed a serious airsoft war.  Ethan was so stoked!  It was another good day in Haiti.

Makayla with some jewelry from the Apparent Project

We had an air-soft BB spill.
Ethan reloading.

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