Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Rescue Center (pictures)

Today we had one of the neatest experiences of our life.  In 2004 we started tracking with REAL HOPE FOR HAITI RESCUE CENTER on their blog.  Really, they were our first introduction to Haiti.  For years we've prayed for the needs they'd post on thier blog, we've sung their praises and encouraged others to participate in supporting them.  It was such a joy to see with our own eyes their incredible labor of love for the people of Haiti.  They are hard core.  Aside from the Spirit working in their lives there is no way they could sustain as long as they have.  They are doing such a GREAT job.  Licia boldy and joyfully proclaimed God's faithfulness in providing for them each and every day.  They candidly spoke about their strategies, vision, trials and victories.  They spent so much time with us which was so generously kind of them because they are b-u-s-y!  Anyway, check out their link and the pictures below.  Let your heart be drawn in and ask how you can encourage them.  They could use encouragement - they are regular people surrendering to the Lord's will for their life - living and loving in Haiti for the glory of His Name!  VERY - VERY cool!

Our trip to Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center

Such a happy picture of Haiti

Both Rescue Center buildings

Their waiting room with scale

Nurse Lori explaining the Clinic.

Their pharmacy

Their grass project for soil conservation with their community group.

Water filtration providing their clean water and for their village.

Well thought out planting project.

RHFH teaming with USAID on a planting project.

Lori did such a great job giving us a tour!  Thank you RHFH!

The infant ICU tent.  Yes it is a real tent, in the heat, by the generator.

Licia explaining the Rescue Center side of their ministry.
Lori explaining the Cholera house.


  1. AAAAHHHH! You met Licia and Lori! You met Licia and Lori! I am cracking up at how starstruck I am to see you with them...hahahaha :) That WAS very gracious of them to give you so much of their time. Will make note to encourage them more...I often think it, but rarely go out of my way to actually write a note. Thanks for sharing these pics.

  2. And I think (if I remember right) you introduced us to their blog so long ago. Makayla spoke a little Creole with Claudette (the girl that Juliana sent a picture to). :) Crazy, huh!

  3. I will defiantly pray for the people in the Cholera House and the rest of the organization!

  4. And (if I remember right) I ran across it by perusing the blog of a stranger that had left an encouraging comment on our adoption blog. So, we may just be able to pin the blame on Levi for hooking us up with the work of the Rescue Center. That will be a fun "fruit" of his adoption to tell him about when he gets bigger :)

  5. I am so jealous and so happy for you! Thank you for sharing your pictures.