Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Old Navy and Schmicks to Haiti

Children's feet at the feeding program in January.
200 pairs of flip-flops are way more than I thought!

The other day we were in Old Navy at Kearney.   I told the shift manager that our family was headed to Haiti this week and asked him if they could give us a discount on flip-flops.   We wanted to give them to the ministry leaders and pastors in Haiti to distribute, as needed, to women and kids.  He took my card and said he'd ask the store manager.  I really didn't expect to hear back.

They called back the next day and said they'd sell them a buck a pair! I told him I'd take 100.

I called my brother to see if he could pick them up for me.  He agreed and said he wouldn't mind buying another 100 to send with us.

So, I have a huge blessing to deal with tonight.
If you're in Kearney and happen to think of it.  Tell them THANK YOU! :)

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