Monday, May 16, 2011


Today we enjoyed a slower morning and a great cup of coffee with some ultra-paseurized half-n-half that we smuggled in.  ;)  Time with Jesus was good - Oswald had some important things to say which I in turn shared with the kids and Jason.  We prayed over our day - always a great place to start.

FTC Cosmetology
Then it was time to rent our car.  With a few minor glitches we successfully accomplished that goal.  Jason did amazingly well driving around the city.  I was a bit totally worried scared.  I tried hard to chillax but a couple of times Jason would respond to my back driver comments with, "Andrea, you've told me three things to watch for in a matter of a second.  I need to concentrate."   Oh where would he be without me?!  To our joy and by God's grace Jason managed well.  He did say at one point, "Wow my left leg is just killin' me.  The clutch has to burn out quickly in most vehicles."  He did ride the clutch pretty hard and we never managed anything over third gear.  Very different from Nebraska.  I still have no idea where we are.  It feels like one landmark blends into the next.

Lunch kind of got skipped but granola bars to the rescue.  This is so different because in the States we live life (generally most people do) around the next meal.  Here a meal is nice but not central to your schedule.  You eat to survive not survive to eat - sort of thing.

The Center was a buzzing place with the Children's Feeding Program and the Feminine Training Center ladies working hard.  It was good to see Marie, Joel and Sadrackson along with other friends.  We got the suitcases deligated out to Riguad and Marie.  The deck recorders made Riguad really smile.  Hopefully they serve him well.  Thanks Jesse.

Ethan enjoying new friends.
We tried to get a SIM card for Jason's phone but the store was closed by the time we got there.  Tomorrow.  We figured out where Eagle Market is (a grocery) and then Riguad kindly followed us home to make sure we made it and was able to meet the family we're staying with.

Will and Julie's guard family fixed up a fine Haitian cuisine which we gobbled up with thankfulness.

Ethan is loving the White's son and the guard familiy's two sons.  So much fun with chess, football and trampoline attack (or something like that).

We feel like we are all questions.  Where, Why, How, What and When are our favorite words to begin sentences with.  We seriously should be writing a manual - we have so much to learn - so much to remember.  I tried to upload a picture or two but internet is slower.  Tomorrow.

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