Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Makayla's Take

I love her smile - she is such a gift to our clan.
Makayla is processing things on a deep level.  God made her very perceptive.  At night she writes with quill and ink about her daily adventures in her special Haiti Journal.  She has such a quiet spirit and we love that!  I can easily look over her because Ethan is the "squeaky wheel" in the bunch.  I intentionally have to draw her out.  She, often times, points out the beauty around her without complaining; looking over a somewhat negative situation to enjoy the positives, so much so, that I will point out the realities of Haiti (which can be alarming) just to make sure she is taking in the whole picture.  She gently responds, "Yeah - I know", with a smile.  The other night she honestly shared her reluctancies about living here but then at the end of the next day she was much more hopeful.  As we commute I'll randomly hear, "Oh mom, that would be good to paint."  Then I know what she is taking in.  She is by far the best at Creole - she gets the concept, sentence structure, etc.  She will, no doubt, pick up the language before the rest of us.  She understands the Haitian dollar equivalency to the goud and the American dollar.  I on the other hand am totally baffled.  The more I hear another explanation the more cloudy it becomes.  She physically tolerates the heat the worst - the faint look comes over her face and I'm immediately alarmed.  After skipping lunch again today (on accident) she said, "I guess we don't really need to eat 3 times a day.  I was hungry but if you wait a bit then you aren't anymore.  Two meals is plenty."

Straight from Kayla herself:

           I do-as my mom said-often write in my journal.  
I really like it when we are driving and I see all these paintings hung on the brick walls. 
          Haiti looks a lot like Mexico... Every building is either painted, lime green, dark blue, bright oranges and reds... etc. Its kind of funny. :) 
          When I step back and look at all we've done in the day-o my goodness-it is so crazy! We intend to do many organized American outings about Haiti... Of which we never get any done... but instead we do all sorts of other things we never thought we would ever do. For instance: You go out expecting to see a parade, but instead you go on a goose chase for your drivers pick-pocketed blackberry. :) (Which he never found.) Or you plan to eat lunch and instead you drink a coke with a Haitian friend's uncle and godmother.  It really is funny. :)
           When I get back to the states I think that I will miss not seeing all the women selling things on the street... The market place. I think that once you get to feeling comfortable or used to Haiti, you'll most likely miss some of it sometime. 
            About moving here: I DID NOT want to move here the first day I came. But now, I think that I could get used to, or even like, living in Haiti. I think that I would really like to live in the country-side. The kids seem so fun out there. And, the country-side of Haiti, I think, is what Haiti is supposed to look like and be. It has so many plants, the streets are very clean (It overall looks cleaner out there), and the people look nicer.
            As I write at the end of a day in my journal:

                       Signing Out,
                       Makayla Schmick

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