Saturday, May 21, 2011


The kids protested going anywhere and pleaded for a day at home.  So we decided that Jason would go out with Amos for a bit in the morning and we would stay here to just chill.  Jason got to see the Sugar Cane Park and the US Embassy.  Excellent.  Then we went swimming for a bit.  There are a few missionary families on this street, one family has a pool... so they pitch in to maintain it and enjoy it.  Fun!  The Whites got home soon after that and we ordered Dominoes Pizza.  Can you believe it? It was good too.  It even smelled like Dominoes.  Wow.  Ethan played and played with the boys.  Their play is so active - loud and sometimes haphazard while the girls are so quiet - orderly and predictable.  God made us refreshingly different.  Here are some pictures of our chilled out day.

There used to be trains in Haiti.

The sugar cane process.

More sugar cane history.

Will showed us this goody on the Dominoes Pizza box.  (crazy)

They play and laugh and play again!

God's beautiful sky in Haiti - the end of another good day.  

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  1. No fair!!! You got to go swimming!! It rained here... :)
    We ate Papa Murphy's on Friday! GO PIZZA!!