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CWO Vitality

The painted sign on CWO's wall in PAP.
The second part of our trip we tried to absorb life at Christian World Outreach's center in PAP.  It provided the needed opportunity to observe and interact with the local Haitians.  The center is a buzzing place of activity — a life giving resource to those in the community of Delmas 33.  They seek to care for todays needs  along with tomorrows and this is a growing/developing process.  Piper said it so well, "We care about your suffering now and your eternal suffering."  The center is a well used facility.

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Pastor Joel and Marie St. Amour 
Monday through Friday Marie St. Amour (head of The Feminine Training Center) has women attending classes in: sewing, cosmetology, cooking, floral design and painting.  After the earthquake she designed a  more intense 6 month course for women coming out of the tent cities.  Currently, she has 29 in this program along with many other ladies in the original 2 year course.  They come uniformed and ready to learn.  It is a full house of estrogen. :)

FTC Cosmetology
Basic Cooking (tent city women)
See their happy faces?!
While we were there Marie was preparing the girls for their final examination and graduations coming soon.  This vocational training equips them to provide for their families.  In Haiti women are often the bread winners.  During the program they're fed, able to use the showering facilities and presented the Gospel.  When these girls graduate they are given a female mentor within the local church and the opportunity to apply for a micro business loan.  Their demeanor changes from hopelessness to hopefulness.   It is one of the most beautiful things to witness!  Hope is such a gift!

Small tent "city" right across the road from CWO
(personal reflection)  I can't imagine the level of responsibilities they carry.  Every morning we'd be getting ready for the day and I'd sense this sinful/frustated spirit rising in me about a variety of things — living out of a suitcase, sleeping on cots, being perpetually hot and sticky, unable to eat whatever I wanted, mosquitos, etc...  Then I'd glance out the window and see these mamas in tents with mud and standing water all around them, no cupboard to grab food for their kids, no money to make their situation better, no husband to lean on, no running water or functioning electricity, no bug spray, etc.  There is no comparison.  Later in the day — they'd be smiling at the center — working with joy — excited to feed the kids and take part in the Bible school.  Incredible!  I have no complaint.  None!

VBS craft
Pastor Riguad
While FTC is in full swing a worship team meets in the sanctuary to plan and practice.  Once a month a Brothers Ministry meets for young married men with Pastor Riguad.  Riguad's wife, Naomi, meets with the Sisters Ministry in the hallway after church to sing and pray.  There is Sunday School and Church, counseling on Saturdays and basic discipleship study on Sunday nights.  Of course there is the Children's Feeding Program and short term teams that come for construction or children's ministry.  Recently, CWO  purchased a water filtration system.  It is sitting in a crate waiting for somebody to have the time to set it up and train staff to run the new Water Program.

Amos and Sadrack teach at GTC.
Grace Training Center is a new ministry they are just launching in response to unschooled children due to the earthquake.  Pastor Riguad along with recruited/gifted young men are putting this together. Currently they are teaching English, Spanish, Math and Music (to name a few).  VERY COOL!

From young to old you see the community widely affected by the buoyancy of Jesus flowing through the center.  It is such a developing gift.
GTC chalkboard

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