Monday, May 2, 2011

6 Suitcases

We're looking forward to our trip with anticipation.  There is one fun thing to the next!  I can't believe it but we leave a week from yesterday.  Let me rephrase that - the adventure begins this coming Sunday.  The kids and I will enjoy a few days on the front side of our trip with my sister and her family from Florida.  Makayla gets her braces off on May 10.  Super exciting.  Jason has to work a few more days before he joins the fun.  Have I ever mentioned what a great man he is?!  He is.  He provides joyfully and prefers our fun over his.  He is such a good husband and dad like that!  We're thankful.  Then we're Haiti bound - the whole of us - for  a couple of weeks.  With a friend's wedding to celebrate on our way home.  Fun, Fun - FUN!

Okay but what does any of that have to do with SIX suitcases and the previous post that has kept you anticipating?! ;)  Here it is...we can take 2 checked bags each for free.  So we're going to put the four of us into 2 and use the remainder 6 to bring donated love to the PAP ministries.  Some of you captured the vision by word of mouth and have been working diligently on this.  We already have 4 suitcases pushing 50+ pounds (the weight limit).  Thank you!  Thank you for considering these people in Haiti and loving on them in practical ways.

We had six categories: Feminine Training Center, Women with FTC (feminine training center, Women's children with FTC, Children's Feeding Program kids, Pastors & Leaders, and Wednesday night school children.

On our list: crafting - sewing supplies, women's clothing, children's/babies' clothing, shoes, ties, notebooks, school supplies, hygiene supplies: hand sanitizer, soap, deodarant, combs, diapers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc., etc.  Even toilet paper is a hot commodity and hard to come by there.  There is never enough hygiene goodness - especially the most practical kind.

Many of these things are represented in our suitcases!  We're so excited to bring them love from here to there.  We hope to get some pictures of the suitcases safely arriving and at the center.  We do have some convictions about how these goods will be distributed - we are not going to handle any distribution.  I wish we could share pictures of families happy to have x,y & z but we're convinced that we should never, EVER look like Santa Clause when crossing their culture.  We'll hand all distribution over the Haitian CWO staff and let them disperse where they think it best.  But we'll do our best to capture your donations arrival in Haiti and share those photos with you soon.

This leaves only one more thing to mention about this suitcase project.  It is down to the wire for time - we leave in approximately a week BUT there is one category that CWO has shared they'd really appreciate a bolster of kindness and that is for the FTC ladies' babies and toddlers.  If you have gently used or new donations for their children it would be greatly appreciated.  Donation ideas: diapers, diapers, diapers (cloth diapers are not good because they can't get the ammonia out), wipes, summer clothes (they love to put their little girls in dresses), baby powder, diaper rash cream, thin blankets, etc...

If this interests you and you like working in the last hour then contact me ( and we'll coordinate pick up, etc.

And that is the story of one family headed to Haiti with 6 extra suitcases.

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