Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Souls In Tow

Ethan 9 and Makayla 12

To our delight, we journey with two precious, precious souls.  Many of you kindly ask about Makayla and Ethan's perspective on being future M.k.'s.  So I sat them down for a little Q & A.  It was a good opportunity to hear their hearts and take note.  Please pray for these two.  A very wise woman (once a missionary kid herself) exhorted me in a timely way, "God loves your kids more than you do and He knows what is best for them."  It's true!  As we pursue God in this direction pray that they would know and love God more as a result of being missionary kids.

They are so different from one another and yet the best of friends.  It's fun to take them in.  Makayla thoughtfully shared her heart with me in such a focused manner while Ethan was much more cut to the chase; bouncing around the living room randomly spouting his thoughts.  Sometimes if Makayla suggested something that resonated with him he'd add, "Yeah, me too."  The following is a little window into their most recent reflections (in no particular order) about obeying God to Haiti.

      I'm excited to know Pastor Joel and Riguad's families. 
      I'm looking forward to discovering what life is like at
      CWO's Training center.  
      Learning a new language is exciting.
      I'm worried about the possibility of adoption, though it seems fun.  
      Wondering about where we'll live and what that will be like.  
      I'm bummed that we won't get mail - especially, no Netflix.
      The unfamiliarity seems scary.
      I'm concerned about sharing my mom and dad so much in ministry.
      I'm excited to experience life differently than in the U.S.
      and I think it will be helpful in my spiritual growth.
      I want God to use the experience to build in me more of a
      kingdom mindset and a love for the world.
      I can't imagine not going-this is what our family is preparing to do.

She capped the conversation off with this, "I want to be where ever you are and so because you're going then that is where I want to be."

      I'm not sure what it will be like.
      I'm excited to meet the Haitian kids and be friends with them.
      I'm scared of the bad things that can happen sometimes
      - like violence.
      I'm excited to learn a new language.
      No mail - no Netflix is a bummer.
The two agreed that as it gets closer to our launch date they feel more nervous and there you have it.  Reflections from our two sweet kiddos.

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