Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Pastor Jean Claude

With passionate disapproval Pastor Jean Claude spoke about a recent "Christian" event in Port au Prince. Visibly angered by what he heard and saw, he spoke about the teaching. It caused him a good deal of guilt and even brought into question his relationship with God. Upon hearing the American-imported instruction he doubted the legitimacy of his Christian walk. It was as if his entire life as a Christian might be phony! I’m not sure of what all was said and taught at this event, but I do know what I heard from Jean Claude. I heard a testimony of a man who questioned his faith in God. A man who was sure his relationship with God was real and alive but upon hearing this new “gospel” wasn’t so sure anymore!

Jean Claude reasoned from the material presented at the event that if he were a good Christian who had enough faith then his economic condition should improve. This newly discovered “Christian” information equated godliness with wealth. Here’s where the difficulty for Jean Claude comes in: He’s been serving God faithfully for a long time but he’s never been wealthy. If fact, he’s very un-wealthy.

Do you see the problem that this presents?

Pastor Jean Claude said he spent much time reading and studying what he heard. He thought about it and prayed about it. In the end, through the continual help of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, he overcame his doubts and guilt. Soundly rejecting what was being taught he confidently proclaimed, “I know Who I have believed in! My confidence is in Him!”. The other pastors, who had also come into contact with this teaching, heartily agreed with his conclusions. This was one of the ways that Jean Claude added to the conference.

In an effort to be continually training and maturing new leaders and pastors, Pastor Rigaud, delegated out to Jean Claude the responsibility of facilitating the week-long conference. It went well, due in large part to his leadership. He kept the conference attendees on time and he also added to the conference through his commentary after many of the presentations.

He teaches and leads at the church in Port Au Prince. At the risk of being too presumptuous, it seems that Jean Claude is coming into his own. He’s relatively new to ministry and there is undiscovered depth in him that hasn’t surfaced...yet. Through my translator I was able to hear many of his thoughts about whatever topic was on hand. He has a good mind and is a skilled orator. Christ-like humility and a kindness overflow from him.

Jean Claude married his bride Altanie in December of 2010. Someone had a DVD recording of his wedding at the church and I was able to witness part of the event. Slightly embarrassed, he was self-conscious while a group of us watched but also pleased with what he was seeing on the laptop screen. The newlyweds currently don’t have children but he is praying that if the Lord wills they will one day.

Please pray for Jean Claude as he continues to grow in his leadership role in the church. Pray for his new marriage. Satan loves to attack marriage in Haiti just as much as he does in the United States. Pray that God will provide for their needs in a country that has many. Pray that his partnership with Pastor Rigaud will continue to be effective for spreading the gospel in Haiti.

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