Monday, January 31, 2011

Six Month Blueprint

All things "sharing Haiti" are in the works here at Schmick-ville. We've had great discussions about motive of heart while we focus our attention on God building our support base; wanting it to be God-centered thus worshipful for all involved.

The lurking fear is that we'll bore everyone to death?! Really, there are a million ways we could mess it up.

So, what to share and how much? It is hard to distill Haiti because it all seems gloriously fascinating to us BUT we realize not everybody wants to spend a whole day on Haiti. I searched out my sister-in-law's thoughts on this matter (she's quite insightful). The Bible says, "in the multitude of counselors there is safety". I want to know your thoughts...what do you want to know about Haiti - Schmick's To Haiti? What are you curious about?

Looking ahead: We have our very first open house this Friday night at a dear friend's. She is graciously pulling together a group for us to practice on, which gives us a deadline. We work best with a deadline! This is the beginning of our next 6 months - building a sender support base. Optimally, we'd like to share, "Schmicks To Haiti", once a week-ish. If you'd be interested in such whimsical fun then let us know. We're fond of the "no-pressure" approach in an open house (relaxed) setting.

Our budget for Haiti has been submitted and we're waiting anxiously to solidify those numbers so that we can communicate clearly. God totally provided some new missionary friends in Haiti (from Broken Bow) for the purpose of framing a budget and renting a house. This is a timely and incredibly helpful connection!

That's it. This is our Blueprint. We could definitely use your prayers as we navigate the next 6 months. We want our trust - our hope - our joy to be in Him, alone and we definitely want to love the people around us as He knits together this base to launch from. Oh and pray that we stay attentive to Him - full of the Holy Spirit!

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