Sunday, January 23, 2011

A (possible) future project in Haiti

At the conference for pastors in Haiti, Pastor Rigaud presented a film from the Billy Graham Association. An American pastor, who works in the Graham's ministry was teaching. The original message was in English of course, but Pastor Rigaud employed a Haitian man to translate the video into Creole! This guy has the equipment to take out the original audio and put in new (Haitian) audio. After he translates the material he does a Creole voice-over in place of the English words. As an added "bonus", fake laughter is inserted at the appropriate places in the presentation. It actually worked well! The Haitian voice is pretty well synchronized with the lip movements of the American pastor and it looks as authentic as one could expect. The pastors and leaders ate it up! They seemed to be tracking well with the teaching and they really laughed at the humor.

Later in the week, Rigaud talked to me about the video and the translation. As we were talking about it he said a good project that he and I could work on together is identifying good teaching that is on DVD and have it translated like he did with this video. He spoke with excitement about how we could burn DVD's for the eight churches and purchase a disc player and overhead projector to share among the group. If we made an event of it in the churches, he said, it would be a success. With a sweeping motion of his arms Rigaud said, "If we put this together, everyone in the village will come!" Part of the reason that it would be well received, is that their culture is very visual and oral. They don't read a lot because many simply can't and the those that can don't have access to books the way you and I do here in the states. A video presentation like this would be very effective in spreading the Gospel and also in getting solid Bible-teaching on a variety of topics out to the village churches.

This, of course, got me thinking about all the great preaching we have access to in the U.S. and the possibilities that exist in this kind of ministry.

Later that night when I got back to the guest-house I found that Andrea had forwarded this link to me. It’s from Desiring God International Outreach and it addresses the theological famine that is happening in much of the world, even the parts that have been reached with the gospel like Haiti. DG has identified 52 sermons that they believe are some of the more crucial ones out of their vast library of resources. In time I hope to have some of these sermons translated in a similar way. I'm very optimistic about this avenue of ministry with Pastor Rigaud.

Pray that God will work through this after we get there. A primary desire for Andrea and I is to help spread good Bible-saturated resources in Haiti and specifically to the churches we are affiliated with there. We want to be a part of famine relief, both physical and theological.

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