Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Harbor House

Livesay [Haiti] Weblog: Harbor House:
(click the link to read their blog post)

We've enjoyed tracking this family for the past four years. We even got to meet them in MN (yay us!). As Makayla said, "They are famous to us." Though, I know they are ordinary children with an extraordinary God; we really appreciate their example; laboring to live according to Him.

Haiti is full of NGO's. Much of the country is sustained by such organizations - which can seem both good and bad. Often times I wonder if many NGO's stifle their personal economy and problem solving skills. Yet, Haiti could be suffering even more than they already are if there weren't any organizations helping. Such a catch 22?!?

All of that to say, we're glad to both represent Christian World Outreach and validate other ministries that God is pouring through as well. We are a many membered body with gifts given, from God, for specific tasks that are different from one another. To this "hand" we want to say, "Yes, the Spirit is working in you - keep going!"

Would you pray with us for the Harbor House and for these ladies?

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